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Strawberry's tiramisu^^

And today a special request :)
(tomorrow I will post this recipe in Italian)

Strawberry's Tiramisu


Savoiardi 1 pack
 (if someone wants the recipe of this delicious biscuit please let me know^^)
Mascarpone 500 g
Whipped cream 250 ml
Sugar 150 g
( I don't like too sweety cakes, so always remember to taste)
(or lemon syrup*)
Strawberry 400/500 g
Eggs 4 (big)
Icing sugar 1 spoon
The juice of one lemon
A pinch of salt


Wash your strawberries and cut them in a bowl with the juice of one lemon and a spoon of sugar, leave them the time to squeeze out all the strawberry's juice.

Now we will need 3 bowls:
1) to whip the whipped cream with one spoon of icing sugar
2) to cream mascarpone with the sugar (and a pinch of salt)
3) to whip yolks 
(I like them to be very fluffy, to make the work easier add a spoon of hot water before starting)

After this, add the whipped cream and the whipped yolks to the mascarpone/sugar cream using a paddle, always work from the top to the bottom.
You will obtain a very soft cream.

Now choose your dish and put a first layer of cream, then take savoiardi and rotate one dipped in limoncello and one dipped in strawberry's juice. After you have completed a layer put strawberry and more cream. Hence and repeat until you have finished your cream.

You can decorate the top of tiramisu with chopped almond or white chocolate.


*Lemon syrup: 
5 lemons (not chemical treated)
zest of one lemon
water 250 ml
sugar 200 g

Put sugar and water in a kettle and when it's boiling leave it doing that for 5 minutes. Take it out from the flame and add the juice of lemons and the zest. Mix it until is all well blended and then put it back on a low flame for 10 minutes.
Leave it to chill.


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